November 16, 2011

COMCAS won the first place in the exhibition award in the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2011 held in Dublin, Ireland. In total there were more than 150 votes cast by the participants for the numerous projects presented. The two runner up projects were eGo with the second place and E3Car with the third.

We would like to congratulate our partners and thank them for their efforts in preparing the posters and the demos presented during the forum. Your work made this award possible.

NOVEMBER 15-16, 2011

COMCAS project is represented during the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2011, Dublin, Ireland, where the COMCAS partners present a total of 4 posters and 2 demonstrators.

NOVEMBER 14, 2011

All COMCAS partners attend the face-to-face project management team meeting in Dublin, Ireland, to discuss the latest developments, progress and collaboration opportunities.

MAY 10, 2011

A COMCAS project titled “Energy Efficient Devices for Digital Entertainment” is presented by the project coordinator, Armand Castillejo during the DTC conference in Dresden, Germany.

NOVEMBER 16-17, 2010

COMCAS project is represented during the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2010 in Madrid, Spain, where the COMCAS partners present a total of 6 posters and 2 demonstrators.

NOVEMBER 15, 2010

All COMCAS project partners attend the face-to-face project management team meeting in Madrid, Spain, to discuss project status, align with other partners and plan future activities.

March 2010

COMCAS Project reviewed by MEDEA office on March 4th.

The official COMCAS project and technical review 2009 has been performed March 4th by the Catrene review officials Neul Reinhard, Herbert Rödig, Peter Koch and the public authority representative for France Eric Dupont-Nivet.
The review took place at the ST-Ericsson premises in Nijmegen with attendance and support of representatives of almost all partners. The review was lead in by mentor Fredrik Dahlgren of ST-Ericsson. Armand Stuivenwold will leave ST-Ericsson and this 2009 review was his final official act as a program manager COMCAS. He will be succeeded by Armand Castillejo per March 5.
The review took about 4 hours, with presentations of the project and workpackage managers. The reviewers complimented the partners with the good presentations and the clear evidence that the project is very alive and running with the partners showing eagerness for structure and co-operation The COMCAS partners received clear feedback and recommendations for further structuring of the project, targets and exploitation.
After the review, Armand Stuivenwold has been thanked for giving lead and guidance during the kick-off of COMCAS, photos have been taken of the full audience and the “best presenter award” has been awarded to Fabien Colas-Bigey for doing an excellent job presenting workpackage 5.

Partners managers and Catrene officials


          Armand Stuivenwold                   Fabien Colas-Bigey                    Zaid Alars


                 Jose Flich                        Michael Soulie                        Olivier Giaume

January 2010

COMCAS Project will be reviewed by MEDEA office on March 4th.

Medea Office has planned a technical review for COMCAS at March 4th. Review officials are: Neul Reinhard, Herbert Rödig; Sebeke Christian, Fredrik Dahlgren and Peter Koch. The review will take place in the Netherlands, Eindhoven or Nijmegen (to be decided) and cover the full period of 2009

November 2009

COMCAS at European Nano Electronics Forum 2009 on November 17-18 in Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The COMCAS consortia will meet at European Nano Electronics Forum 2009 on November 17-18 in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, at van Berkel lounge in the “Huis ter Duin”. The aim of the meeting is to develop further collaboration between partners and to foster synergies. In addition, a poster related to COMCAS will be presented in the event.

The poster session for the Nanoelectronics forum 2009 in Noordwijk is a combined effort of the Medea+/Catrene programs LoMoSa and COMCAS. The first poster page concludes on the results of the LoMoSa program, completed in 2008. The second page indicates which new elements are to be addressed in the COMCAS program compared to its predecessor LoMoSa, and the third page indicated the contents of the workpackages in COMCAS.

September 2009

Technical meeting at STMicroelectronics with UPV.

UPV and STMicroelectronics have started collaborations within the COMCAS project. To start such collaboration, a two days meeting was held at the main offices of STMicroelectronics at Grenoble, on Sept. 14th-15th. Research will be focused on the analysis of routing mechanisms for on-chip networks, with the aim to reduce power consumption. Also, coherence protocols will be addressed within the collaboration.

Technical meeting at UPV with DS2

On September 30th, a meeting was held in UPV with DS2 partner. The aim was to initiate collaboration efforts within COMCAS. The agreed collaboration will be focused on the modeling of complex communication subsystems, to be integrated in DS2 models. With the model, different routing mechanisms and communication techniques will be implemented and evaluated in the context of DS2 models.